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Hawke a posted Aug 21, 16

We are Star Wars: The Old Republic Guilds: Hawke's Flight and Hawke's Nest. Hawke's Flight (Imperial side) and Hawke's Nest (Republic side) are on the Harbinger server.

1. HAVE FUN!!! The chat is a place to talk, laugh, cry, discuss, goof around... Please go ahead & let loose. Just no racial or disrespectful humor.

2.We are a do it all guild. This means we do PvP, FP's, Ops, etc..

3. We are looking for staff for both guilds. (MUST BE A SUB AND DEDICATED TO THE GUILD!!!) Events officer, and guild crafters. All staff are for both guilds.

3a.) Job descriptions

Hawke's Flight/Hawke’s Nest/Guild Master - This is only reserved for yours truly. I implement everything that you currently enjoy. NO amount of begging, pleading or bribing will change this.

Guild Staff - The members that decide on disciplinary actions in the guild and have other duties in the guilds.

Events Officer - Responsible for putting together promotional events and giving out appropriate contest rewards in the guild.

Guild Crafter - People in specific crafting positions craft for the whole guild. Usually for materials or credits. But deals can be worked out depending on the crafter

4. We will be getting a few other goodies in the near future. This DOES take time. When we get more resources, I want to get a guild ship and whatever else I can think of.

5. 3 alt 1 Main in the guilds only please. 4 per guild/per side. It avoids confusion in conversation. Please mark in member notes who your main and your alts are.

6. Members can invite/recruit. type /ginvite <name of person> (without the <>) to invite into the guild. Please put who recruited them and when in the member notes. Only staff (Founders,Officers) & myself can boot people out of the guild. Only staff can promote (New members after 2 weeks get promoted to member depending on involvement and frequency of being logged on.) Everything must go through senior staff. In the event a person DOES want to boot, come to myself or a staff member (Please see the Staff List!!) First & we'll discuss it and get all sides of the issue. Then act accordingly.

7. There is a 30 day inactivity rule. We will put inactive people from the guild after 30 days of inactivity into an “inactive” rank, after 6 months we will purge all inactives from the guilds.

8. I want to run Flashpoints, PvP, Ops, HK parts, GSF, datacron runs regularly. If you are looking for Ops right off the bat join Hawke’s Nest/Hawke’s Flight. We are hiring staff to do the afore mentioned things as well as recruiting. Please leave me or a staff member a PM here or whisper me in game chat.

9. We use Skype for our audio. (TeamSpeak3 and/or Mumble might be used as well. Still deciding.) MUST HAVE MIC!! Video is optional.

10. The stronghold has all the amenities. GTN, Guild Bank, Legacy Storage, appearance modifier, vendors, mail, cargo bay... Hit the domed icon at the top to travel to it.

11. If you have questions PLEASE ask...

Hawke's Flight and Hawke's Nest are still looking for staff. We are on the Harbinger server.

Staff members so far are:
 Hawke’s Flight (Imperial) and Hawke’s Nest (Republic)

HawkeTank/HawkeSent (GM)
Beaucat/Mulligan (Co-GM)
Morika/Skylan (Misc runs)
(Events Officer)

We have a Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWTORHNF 

We have a custom chat channel. Please type ingame /cjoin Hawke on either faction.